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Join the Fight Against Hidden Credit Card Fees
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The fight isn't over yet.

The big banks are trying to roll back all your hard work.

The MPC needs your help to speak out about swipe fees. The stronger our collective voice, the more we will be heard.

You can help spread the word to your fellow merchants. Encourage them to participate in the campaign against unfair credit card fees. Ask them to join us in speaking out about hidden fees in their home states. Write letters to the editor. Make sure your lawmakers and local media know the facts about swipe fees and how much they are costing retailers and consumers.

Tools You Can Use:

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper - Write the editor of your local paper about the unfair and costly credit card fees facing you as a Consumer or a Merchant

Support Swipe Fee Reform - Review the following fact sheets and take action to fight unfair credit card and interchange fees

Talking Points – Like the Facts About Fees, the Talking Points are succinct bullet points that can help supporters make the case quickly.

Sample speeches – Check here for speeches that have been made on this issue that you can use as a basis for speaking events you may have coming up.